How can I add more than one of an item to a list?

Just touch and hold the star icon. Simples!

Why are the estimated values different colours?

The colour will change depending on the date of an item's last sale (the exact date is shown on the item's page). If the last sale is within 45 days, the estimated value will be green; within 90 days, grey, and longer than 90 days will be a light grey. This is based on the fact that eBay only shows you the last 90 days worth of data on their website.

Will other Funko lines be added?

Yes, of course! Other Funko lines are gradually being added into the database. If you follow the app on social media you'll get all the updates on when these are added!

When will newly announced/released items be added?

As soon as we can. Please give us a few days before messaging us about new releases, however feel free to message about an older item that you think we’re missing. Pictures will be updated if/when a higher resolution/quality one becomes available. We prefer to use official glams from Funko, but these aren’t always available.

How do I report missing/inaccurate item data?

Easy; there’s a button at the top of an item’s page. Please use this rather than sending us a generic message as we will know exactly which item you mean!

Where does the sales data come from?

All of our sales data comes from local (non-imported), sold listings on eBay UK. We do a comprehensive search for Funko items, and then process the results. While the eBay API isn’t 100% accurate, we have several procedures in place to attempt to make our data as reliable as we can. Please let us know if you think we’ve missed an important sale.

How do you determine which sales to use?

We have a few basic rules.

We may also discard any suspicious sales (a much higher/lower price than usual, potential shill bidding, a title/description that is completely different from the picture, etc). These are removed at our own discretion, but please report a sale if you believe that it is suspicious.

What about the fakes?

We have code to automatically discard sales based on various factors, so hopefully you shouldn’t see any obvious fake/bootleg items in our sales data. If you do, please report the sale and we’ll investigate as to why it was included.

How are the estimated values calculated?

Our algorithm is based on a statistical regression, which allows us to calculate a trend line over time. We do not use simple mean/median calculations, or have a complicated ad-hoc algorithm like other guides. We look at the most recent ten sales for an item, or the whole of the previous day; whichever is greater. This gives us enough data points to remain statistically confident about the result, and also lets us react quickly to any popular items that have a sudden change.

A new estimated value is calculated for every day that the item had a sale, at the time of that day’s last sale. If an item hasn’t had any new sales, then the estimated value will not change (unless we change our algorithm, then all estimated values will be recalculated).

We try our best to be transparent about what data we have and present it to you in a simple format, but please remember this is just a guide. You are strongly encouraged to do your own research as well if you think you have something particularly rare or expensive.

Do you include shipping costs in the estimated value calculation?

In general, no; any separate shipping costs are not included in our calculations. However, if an item is sold with “free shipping” then we will use the total value (free shipping isn’t technically “free” though). Shipping costs can vary depending on the size/weight of the item (or if you’re a business seller, etc), and we would rather just include this value as a whole instead of attempting to adjust values based upon an approximate shipping cost determined by ourselves.

The graph of sales data for each item will show you which sales had free shipping included in the price; therefore if an item had a bunch of recent sales with free shipping included, this may skew the estimated value slightly.

How often is the sales data updated?

Data is pulled in from eBay every day, and we try to process this as quickly as possible. Data is manually verified and assigned to items, so this does take some time! Using humans instead of a computer means that our data is a lot more accurate than others.

Estimated values are updated as and when it’s needed; typically after processing the day’s sales. If you see a graph with points after the estimated value line, this just means that we are probably still processing the sales, and the estimated value will be updated soon!

Can you add in currency conversions?

We don’t currently have a currency conversion option as we don’t believe that this adds anything, and in fact confuses a lot of people! An item’s value can vary widely depending on local availability (for example, something could be worth double in the UK what it is in the US, or vice versa).

Once US data is in the app as well, then a currency conversion option will be provided, however it will still be made explicit that this value is based on data from another market. If you’d like to help us process the data, please get in touch!

What new features are going to be added?

We have lots of plans for new features, but if there’s something particular that you’d like to see, please send us a message!

The Pop Directory and all of its features will always be free to use, but if you'd like to help support the project and keep it running, you can donate securely through PayPal. You can donate any amount you wish, either as a one off or monthly donation. Thank You.