How can I add more than one of an item to a list?

Just touch and hold the star icon. Simples!

What does the dot next to the star mean?

This is the "online" dot. This means that the item is available to purchase from one of the online stores that is integrated with TPD. If you click through to the item you can see which store(s) it is available from.

If the dot is green, then the item is available from an online store that you have push notifications enabled for. If the dot is yellow, then the item is only available from an online store that you do not have push notifications enabled for.

Why are the estimated values different colours?

The colour will change depending on the date of an item's last valuation (the exact date is shown on the item's page). If the last valuation is within 45 days, the estimated value will be green; within 90 days, grey, and longer than 90 days will be a light grey.

Will other Funko lines be added?

Yes, of course! Other Funko lines are gradually being added into the database. If you follow the app on social media or have push notifications enabled you'll get all the updates on when these are added!

When will newly announced/released items be added?

As soon as we can. Please give us a few days before messaging us about new releases, however feel free to message about an older item that you think we’re missing. Pictures will be updated if/when a higher resolution/quality one becomes available. We prefer to use official glams from Funko, but these aren’t always available.

How do I report missing/inaccurate item data?

Easy; there’s a button at the top of an item’s page. Please use this rather than sending us a generic message as we will know exactly which item you mean!

Where does the data come from?

TPD is currently for the UK market. Other markets may be supported in the future.

How do you determine what data to use?

We have a few basic rules.

Why isn’t my item for sale on eBay showing in the app?

Because of the amount of Funko items, we sometimes have to get quite specific in order to show relevant live listings. For Pops, for example, we always search with the item number as well. For items with variations, we may also use extra keywords.

If you use all of the words that we have in the item’s title, along with the number (where available), the item’s category (Pop, Soda, Vynl etc), and “Funko”, then it should show up fine.

How often are the online stores updated?

Each store is different, and depends on when they update their developer feeds. Some update very quickly after a change to their website; others only update once a day. Push notifications will be sent out automatically once a change is detected.

What new features are going to be added?

We have lots of plans for new features, but if there’s something particular that you’d like to see, please send us a message!

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