eBay Tips

How to spot a fake

Fake/bootleg Funko items are becoming more and more common, but there are a few simple things you can do.

Most of the fakes are located in China, and as such we have filtered these results out of the items we show you. Beyond that, we unfortunately can’t do much more. We do extra checks when processing sales data (checking the shipping type and seller location), but this takes a lot more time to process, and isn’t feasible when quickly displaying eBay search results to you.

Stay vigilant!


Please remember that you are fully covered by eBay if your item arrives “not as described”; even if the seller says they don’t accept returns, or deny responsibility for damage in transit. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the item is packed properly, and to take action against the mailing company if things go wrong.


We’ve sold hundreds of items on eBay and never had any issues!

Why isn’t my item for sale showing in the app?

Because of the sheer amount of Funko items, we sometimes have to get quite specific in order to show users relevant listings. For Pops, for example, we always search with the item number as well. For items with variations, we may also use extra keywords.

If you use all of the words that we have in the item’s title, along with the number (where available), the item’s category (Pop, Dorbz, Mystery Mini etc), and “Funko”, then it should show up fine.

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